Catapulted into the public consciousness by Beth Ditto, Kiddy Smile seeks to spread the retro love in his beats – all of which he produces, sings and sometimes even raps over himself. Deeply influenced by the sleazy, lazy feel of 80s and 90s house music and the fabulous legacy of the Ballroom scene, he has performed live alongside the likes of Madonna, Hercules & Love Affair and The Gossip. Brand wise, he fronted Lancome's 2023 campaign with artists like Amanda Seyfried, hosted Boiler Room x Maison Kitsuné, opened Madonna's show in Paris, Valentino’s perfume campaign with Lady Gaga, among many others. The French Prince of Voguing, as the local media calls him, is at the forefront of Paris’s bubbling ballroom scene. His much-anticipated album debut, One Trick Pony, meant the beginning of his career as a musician 4 years algo, also, Kiddy had a very significant role at one of Gaspar Noé’s most famous films, Climax. Through his own music and performances, Kiddy has kept the nostalgic sounds of the dancefloor very much alive.